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Sociedade Capixaba de Estudos Psicoterápicos
in collaboration with
EARTH Association for Regression Therapy



Dear participant,

We are inviting you to participate in a research study entitled “Regression Therapy – Motivations and Results”, sponsored by Socepsi (Capixaba Society for Psychotherapy Studies), a Brazilian organization devoted to studying psychotherapy in its various aspects, and EARTh (Earth Association for Regression Therapy), an international organization that promotes professionalism in Regression Therapy. Regression Therapy is also known as past-life regression therapy or transpersonal regression therapy, and is characterized by the search, through techniques of rapid and intense contact with the unconscious, for the deepest roots of the clients' current difficulties. This research aims to investigate aspects related to the desires, aspirations and presenting issues of clients looking for Regression Therapy, their experiences with it and the results obtained.

Your participation in this research is voluntary. Your collaboration will help enrich the field of research and discussions about Regression Therapy, and these results will be used as a basis for training professionals working in the area. Participation in the research involves a minimum level of risk, such as the possibility of embarrassment or tiredness when answering the questionnaire, that is, your participation will not incur greater risks than those existing in your daily life. Even so, if you feel uncomfortable with the questions, we will be available to provide the necessary support or clarify your doubts about the procedures by e-mail: We emphasize that at any time you can refuse to continue participating and may withdraw your consent without this bringing you any penalty or loss.

To answer the survey you must have undergone Regression Therapy at some point in the past and be currently over 18 years old. After granting your authorization to participate in the research, you will complete a questionnaire composed of some multiple choice questions and others of an open character, which assesses several components related to the objective of the study. Answering the questionnaire will take an average of sixty minutes.

The information you provide by participating in this research will be held securely and with strict confidentiality. For example, your identity will stay anonymous and the data you provide will only be made available to those involved in the research project. The collected data will be analyzed by the researchers and the results will be published on Socepsi’s and EARTh’s websites and / or sites from other institutions linked to Regression Therapy, and may be published in international scientific journals, always without identifying the study participants.

We hope to count on your participation, as we believe that this research is relevant to studies involving the areas of psychotherapy in general and Regression Therapy in particular, as a means of contributing to the expansion of scientific knowledge on the subject and to the improvement of the intervention strategies used by health professionals and, thus, people's quality of life.

Please respond as sincerely as possible. Remember that there are no right or wrong answers – we just want to know your opinion and your experience with Regression Therapy!

If you want to ask questions, request information, or have a complaint about the research please contact the researcher Dr. Sergio W. Baumel (MD), by e-mail or by phone (+55 27) 999 610 444 (preferably through text messages, such as WhatsApp, Telegram or SMS). You may also contact Socepsi or EARTh via email ( or If you have any issues which you feel cannot be rectified by communicating with the researchers, please contact the bodies responsible for the regulation of scientific research in your own country.

If you wish, you can click on "See Informed Consent" and you will be directed to a new tab with the pdf version of this document (which you can then save or print). To return to this page, just close the tab with the pdf.

By clicking on the "Yes, I want to participate" button below, you are agreeing that you have read and accept the information provided in this Informed Consent Document.